Welcome to my kitchen! 

Let me show you around...

Salt + Light Kitchen’s Story

Salt + Light Kitchen was born out of the former Much + Little Kitchen. At the time Much + Little was born, I was focused solely on food + out of making much out of only a little. (Get it?). It was all about taking the simplest ingredients + elements + creating something bursting with flavor, dimension, color + prettiness. That’s my cooking + baking philosophy: simple things are at the root of everything that can be woven into abundance + nourishing deliciousness.

I’m still all about that! But I’m all about some other things too, like sharing thoughts, poems, stories + deeper things. That’s what you’ll find in the Words + Musings section of Salt + Light Kitchen. I feel a fire in me to write honestly, with an unapologetic voice, about everything from faith, to pain, to love, to heartbreak, to plans, to stories, to growing pains, to travels, to lessons, to whatever else dances across my brain. Writing is my release, just as creating with food is a release. And both of these things are usually done at my adorable, rustic wood kitchen table. So I give you…Salt + Light Kitchen.

What’s in a name?

I like symbols. I like those words together, + this is where I’ll share food for nourishment and indulgence + words for hope and inspiration.

You might have also noted the Biblical reference. I'm not religious, but I am spiritual. As a person of faith, you'll see reflections in my writing.

All I know is, despite all the science, logic, reason + (sometimes harsh) realities that exist in this life, I’ve seen + continue to see something greater + higher moving in mine; in me. It’s that simple. It’s the truest thing I know. As I share my story + thoughts here, you’ll come to see a person who's a little bit of everything, as we all are. Confused, broken, hurting, hurtful + whatever other “negatives” you want to assign, but also a person who’s joyous, very much whole, sharing beauty that comes from deep inside, yearning to love others + be loved + longing to create light.

I think that’s what being a person of faith is about—sharing + embracing all the parts of us + others…just like God does. It doesn’t mean 100% perfection, purity, righteousness, judgement or uptightness. That's the take on faith that colors my words + that you'll find here. 

No matter where we're at, where we've been, who we are or who we'll become: We are the salt of the earth. We are the light of the world.